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Sharpen your whole set and Save

Have you got a decent set of knives that could use a little love? Now's a great time to give it to them.

Because for every two knives you have sharpened we'll do a third one for free (least expensive).

For example, the price to do the set above would be $65. That would be $15 each for the four larger knives on the left, the two paring knives on the right would be free, and we would toss in the filet knife for half price at $5.

The knives have been well cared for, but have been hand sharpened long enough that the bevels are rounded.

They are worthy of a good sharpening, and will take one well. Every one of these knives will slice effortlessly through paper when properly sharpened.

They will be a joy to use; safer and much more efficient. Got a set of your own? Let's talk

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