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Scissors sharpening basics

Ahhh ... the handy ceramic stone of the kitchen is back. And yes, you can sharpen your scissors on a mug. Of course you wouldn't want to do it with any better scissors than the ones in the picture.

Scissors are a little scary because it's so difficult to maintain an accurate edge angle. Fortunately we have the Edge Pro attachment to hold it steady (second picture).

Some scissors have a rounded bevel by design. Usually these are expensive hair cutting shears and should be returned to the manufacturer for sharpening.

If you decide to try sharpening your own scissors work slowly. Take them apart if possible to help maintain the edge angle. When removing the burr from the back side keep the stone as flat as possible to the blade.

If you decide to have us do it, go ahead and contact us at your convenience. We've sharpened hair cutting shears successfully, but not the super fancy ones.

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