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How we get your knives so sharp

There's no great secret to getting a good sharp edge. You find the right angle for the bevel, and create a smooth even edge at that angle.

The trick is maintaining that angle, and it's just about impossible to do by hand. The problem is every time the angle of the blade gets changed even slightly the bevel becomes gradually more rounded as shown in the second picture.

That causes the angle of the bevel right at the edge to gradually get wider. Of course, the wider the angle the less sharp the blade will get.

The solution is to flatten the bevel back out. We use the Edge Pro Professional Sharpening System shown in the first picture.

This allows us to put a perfectly flat surface on the edge similar to the one shown in the third picture.

Note: The blade in that picture was polished with a 3000 Grit "sheet". We seldom go to this extreme.

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Yikes. You can find some brilliant ideas for how to sharpen a knife online. This is NOT one of them. If you look at the shape that poor knife is in it makes sense.

There is a better way! Our article on how to sharpen your knife at home will get you started. Or do it the easy way and bring it to us.