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How sharp does a knife really need to be

Chances are you don't need to be able to shave with your kitchen knives. But it is nice to be able to slice a tomato.

The problem with a really sharp knife is it's also a really delicate knife. It has to do with how narrow the angle of the edge is.

So the intended use of the knife determines the level of sharpness. Consider a cleaver. It's purpose is to chop. So it uses a wide edge angle that can hold up to the abuse.

A straight razor is another story. The angle of the edge is so thin if you tried to chop with it the entire blade would be destroyed.

Don't shave with you cleaver and don't chop with your razor and we can get along just fine. Bring us any decent knife and it will slice effortlessly through paper when you get it back.

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If you would like more info first here are links to a few more articles on the subject ...

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Match words.

Don't try this at home  Apr 13, 2016 2:11 pm

Yikes. You can find some brilliant ideas for how to sharpen a knife online. This is NOT one of them. If you look at the shape that poor knife is in it makes sense.

There is a better way! Our article on how to sharpen your knife at home will get you started. Or do it the easy way and bring it to us.

How much does sharpening cost?  Apr 12, 2016 6:18 pm

The price of sharpening varies pretty widely based on size, shape and condition of your edge. Also, the level of sharpness expected for the finished edge.

An average straightforward knife sharpening runs $10-15. If the knife is particularly large or dinged up on the edge it will pasrobably cost $15 or more, especially if it is badly damaged.

Sharpening more knives than one at a time saves money, and sharpening full sets can save even more. Small knives in good condition as part of a set can be sharpened for as low as $5.

Of course we always give you an accurate estimate of what your sharpening is going to cost before we start.

So let's get started.

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