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Care and sharpening of serrated knives

Serrated knives are great because they bring the best of a saw and a knife into one. They're not so great when it comes to keeping them sharp.

This is because the edge tips are very small and therefore very vulnerable to damage. To complicate matters they are very difficult to sharpen.

The problem is the tips wear down very fast and the grooves hardly wear at all. You can see this in the before and after image above.

Although the lower knife obviously has better points, they are nothing like they were when new. The only way to achieve that is to send the knife back to the manufacturer for honing.

The best thing is to handle serrated knives with extra caution. Cut things they are designed to cut. If you're using it like a saw you're probably pounding those tips!

Note: The rest of the pictures are FYI only. There are many "variations of serrations".

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How much does sharpening cost?  Apr 12, 2016 6:18 pm

The price of sharpening varies pretty widely based on size, shape and condition of your edge. Also, the level of sharpness expected for the finished edge.

An average straightforward knife sharpening runs $10-15. If the knife is particularly large or dinged up on the edge it will pasrobably cost $15 or more, especially if it is badly damaged.

Sharpening more knives than one at a time saves money, and sharpening full sets can save even more. Small knives in good condition as part of a set can be sharpened for as low as $5.

Of course we always give you an accurate estimate of what your sharpening is going to cost before we start.

So let's get started.

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